Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Naming 3 Good Things

One of my friends is sharing her 3 good things each day & I thought it was a great idea, so am listing them here. After a bit of research, I learned that findings thusfar say that when people have things they are grateful for, they draw more good into their lives. Makes sense.
Day 1! My 3 good things for this day are:
  1. I can still thread a needle (eventually after a try or two) in spite of Essential Tremors
  2.  I joined some leftover batting & now am able to baste another quilt
  3. Sweet memories of family members who have passed and still influence my life
Meanwhile, I while my time is spent doing mindless activities, I am making progress on some projects that need prep work, such as getting the batting ready for another quilt. There is more batting to join so that it can be sandwiched and take up less space in bins. I worked on the hot pad thingy for my friend and want to make her a couple of different ones and give this one to the thrift store.