Thursday, September 14, 2017

12th Day Gift Started

More batting joined. Now there are two quilts ready for basting when I have time, after this year's projects. I measured & marked one of the pieces of batting I put together from two smaller sections, so it will be ready for a fit somewhere down the line. It looks like there are two backs for future partnering as well. And yes, I have been putting simple notes-to-self on everything.

Fabrics are cut for the 12th day hand made gift for that swap. She wanted a new pin cushion and this one has a lot more to it. She likes cats. It takes three coordinating fabrics, & extra pieces of felt and flannel to make it work, plus iron-on batting. Oh and a button for decoration rather than function.

Day 2: Three Good Things
  1. Rico slept better with the door closed to his space & didn't disturb his person through the night. Doing it again
  2. I went to the grocery store late at night and missed the crowds
  3. Filled trash container with dead plant material.
Today continues with essential behind-the-scenes prep work. I am not sure why I am almost in a state of apologizing for this part of quilting. I am my own quilting sous chef. With these steps already done, when I do finish a top, it is quite possible that quilt sandwiches will go easier.