Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Playing Catchup

For the last several days, my quilting projects are wrapping up the final parts to getting each one of them done. This can mean doing simple things like checking seams, clipping loose threads, hand sewing binding. Some times it means changing thread on the sewing machine. Things that take time, and are part of quilting but don't really show much, or enough to take pictures.

Additionally, I have been reading mail, writing letters or notes on post cards, catching up on magazine articles and generally doing minutia. I even spent over an hour on the phone with my former husband catching up on news he had about long-ago friends.

And what he & I agreed upon is that things change all the time. We talked about our parents, other family members and our ever-changing health. 

Weather here is also changing. Lately, there have been some fierce thunder, lightening and rain storms that took out electricity, so I've kept my computer off even though I have the surge protector. 

I plan to get to the Post Office on Friday to ship out the Italian Garden quilt, and am just going to hand sew the label onto the Forever Baseball quilt (the last for 2017), and piece batting so that it can go onto another quilt that may go out this year if it is ready.

So now, I let the warm feelings I have for my former husband wash away, realizing how far we came in life, as friends, as spouses, as hostiles and again as friends. I am going to do a final check on the Italian Garden quilt, and keep on with the minutia part of my quilting day.