Thursday, September 7, 2017

Halloween Log Cabin

I decided to use the Halloween fabric scraps in my stash and make a simple Log Cabin Halloween quilt. 

One side of the Log Cabin will be the White with black spider webs. The Dark side of the Log Cabin blocks will be all the scraps that have black in them. Thing is, with a scrappy quilt, its hard to know how it will turn out and even if there are enough scraps to make it happen.

It is reversible with a scrappy back made from the other leftover pieces. I'm just cutting right now and have no idea how the back will come together. It is called a PIGS or Project In a Grocery Sack. They have been gathering for some time, and both fabric stores in town are not carrying this holiday any more. I haven't really been adding to it. 

This will make two Halloween quilts to finish next year. Its a push for me and an inner conflict. As I cut the fabric, this strange fear rises up in me, worrying that I will want it for something else. It is a risk and a challenge to quilt like this. It is at one time both freeing and frightening.