Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Apron

This one is really grrrlie and is going to a Niece-In-Law in MN. I found the pattern by designer Patty Young in the Winter 2014 issue of "Quilts and More" magazine. Its made from 7 FQ's, and of course I had some!

I worked on it almost all day, plus a few hours this morning to get the waist band on it done. I love the little gather on the bib and was delighted to use a button from my jar. Its a colorful apron for the season, and I think my Niece-In-Law entertains neighbors so this should come in handy for those kind of hostess settings or special family dinners. It almost looks like a holiday package!

Long ago, when I asked for colors my family uses for the holiday, she told me she likes red. The entire apron has a red feel to it, but cannot get away from its complementary green. I've found that even though red has been my lifelong favorite, too much of it its too much!

I also sewed the second sides to all those rice bag hand warmers. They are really making me laugh as I work on them.  What a task I took on, forgetting I dislike repetition. As I seamed 58 little bags for 29 people, I wondered why I didn't make it an even 30 for 60 bags! Thing is, there is one more side of chain piecing, THEN each bag needs the opening side sewn (stop and start), and be filled with rice, AND the opening topstitched....jeeze, Bellezza, what were you thinking???!!!!

My younger Son texted me this morning to say he sent another 3 packages of batting, so I know there is nothing holding me back for 2015. He is much more sensitive to the needs of people around him than I am, and always seems to offer gifts that are specific to a person's needs. I've watched him from the time he was very young. His kind of attention to giving is a gift of self more than anything. When we do this, we are honing edges and melding into our circles. People usually don't get that. I don't often get it.

My self-centeredness hinders every breath I take and stifles my creativity...just because I have a hard time getting away from my own expectations and self-judgment. 

I will keep on keeping on with this rice bag hand warmer project just because I am stubborn, of course. And I am going to write it down somewhere that I don't enjoy making so many things at one time that are all the same. I wonder if I will remember where I wrote it down!