Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joy oh Joy

Last month, it came to my attention that my blocks were not always measuring the unfinished size. And also, I was not happy with how the contrasting colors worked for the 6" blocks. Perseverance may be one of my strengths. It goes by lots of names like tenacity and stubbornness. Sometimes, those markers tell a different story and they become weaknesses if the outcome isn't healthy.

This morning I worked on making two 6" blocks for my November partner in Australia. She requested purple and blue as colors and gave the freedom of choice for the blocks themselves.

I love how they turned out AND they measure the correct 6.5" unfinished square. The more pastel block is called "Garden Star" and the darker one to the right of the pic is called "Goose Chase".

What I know about my continuous effort is that my confidence in what I am doing on any project grows as it comes together, and then helps me risk doing the next one.

I can get stopped dead in my tracks when I let fears of failure, assumed inadequacies and low self-esteem start to badger me.  What I know about myself is that I rarely back away from a challenge. If anything, I have been pretty foolish at times with things I have taken on. 

Quilting is an easy past time, or it would be if I wasn't committed to learning about myself, exploring my soul and spirit issues, and then just working to better my skills with it.

I've got two more smaller projects to do for the swapbot exchanges: One is a fabric heart book mark from a pattern I discovered at fabric-heart-bookmark.html ; and the other is another fabric box for a 'purple' secret santa swap. The book mark will go to a woman in Chile who speaks more Spanish and German than English. I am going to make two of them so I can get the simple project right.