Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grandgrrrl #2

Its interesting for me to see my Grandchildren grow up. Many people lock each other into an age, or a behavior, or some expectation. I don't think any of my Grandparents did that with me. If memory serves, and I haven't re-written history, it seemed that they treated me as an adult once I became one, and were there for me, listening and open to when I did visit or call. I don't remember too much of their advice beyond childhood things. It is my hope to do that with my own sweeties.

How this works, in my opinion, is that whatever I do stays in present time. Grandgrrrl #2 is a cat-lover and just adopted a sweet little fluff, so I made a set of french-seamed pillowcases. They really are easy to make, and like I have said quilting cotton is not Egyptian cotton, so these pillowcases are more for seasonal decor than anything. My own set is on my bed already and it is fine. I found a set of 'three little kittens' ornaments to include. I haven't put up a tree in a few years now, and did have some lovely pieces on it that I want to share.

I finished this mini scrap quilt for her too. Its the size of a table topper but could be hung (finished at 17" square). I might add something to the back for hanging before shipping it to her along with a note saying what it is and options for use. The pillowcases are a given.

Then I made a quick little 7" pillow. I personally like these on chairs for just a little more back support. They serve as an accent in any corner or room in the house.

When young people leave home, most kick around from place to place for a few years before settling down. However, that first year of holiday seasons away from home is hard too. We all become little kids in spite of wanting to be independent. Its such a bittersweet time. There is so much fun in creating the atmosphere that we want, starting traditions that are meaningful for who we are: Some come from our families, some come from the families of our partners or friends, and some are things we dream about.

These small handmade gifts to her are non-invasive and will be things she could use with joy in celebrating the season. After all, they are something homemade from her Granny. All that is left is my note to be included with it all.