Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It is only with the heart

If you ever read The Little Prince, then you know the Fox's secret, 'that it is only with the heart that one can see clearly'. I love that book, love the colors in it, love the fox. When I lived on a farm in MN, there were fox living on the hill to the west. I could hear them calling and yipping and was fiercely defensive of them in their habitat.

Today I made eight fabric heart bookmarks. First I cut the shapes; two hearts out of 4" squares, and one 3" square that folded to the back that is meant to hold pages of a book. Four of them are headed off for International swaps so make each something light to send, one is designated as a gift fitting into a book, which is really the present, and the other three are extras. 

The next step was to pin the three pieces into a sandwich, sew a 1/4" seam all around it & clip the curved edges. I want to make more, and add them to holiday cards. With the advent of e-books, I thought most people were not reading paper books any more, but that really isn't true.

The last step was to turn them right side out, push the seams out with a chop stick, and press. It is one more way to use up scraps and makes a novel book mark. It took just a little careful placement of the heart shape to cut out a piece that held some interest.

My local quilting friend is on vacation, and after I sent her the link to the pattern, she shared it with a few groups she is in and says that one group wants her to teach the steps and perhaps make enough to sell at one of their functions. If only we could spread love around that easily! Its probably a good money maker for their event too, if they price it right and with the variety of fabrics we all have in our stash!