Saturday, November 8, 2014

It was Finished!

I went to my orphan bin (extra leftover blocks or strips that didn't fit in their original quilt) and found a strip of blues that were long enough to work at the base of the lining for the bucket. It simply got sewn on, turned and then hand stitched.

Not that this part was easy with my really sore left index finger. My good goddess, I am such a baby about pain and kept thinking about people who really get injured and wondered how they tolerate the honest-to-goodness pain!

The final step was adding two straps for carrying and that was easy enough. It stands up well enough with the extra lining and added binding on the top. I am pleased with how it turned out. All it needs to make it a shower gift is to add some tissue paper.

Back to the issue of this minor pain on my finger. I can say minor, but Golly Ms. Molly, it sure hurts! Probably what happened is that some finger tip nerve endings were cut off and then just scream when the finger is touched or touches.

Funny thing is that the metaphysical cause for cuts is given as "Self-punishment for not following your own rules." Now there is a lot of controversy regarding the metaphysical health issues, and I fall on both sides of the argument from time to time, so am not supporting one side of it either way here. I am just saying its mighty interesting considering that when I cut myself, I was NOT following my own personal common sense that night.

What I do like about this particular theory are the affirmations. And the affirmation for a cut is, "I create a life filled with rewards." I do like that. Affirmations are a part of my spiritual practice and belief that we face life and all the experiences we have in it with a positive attitude.

As with any health issue, I still think we are the chief of staff for our own health care. Most of the time, the medical staff relies on lab results, probably diagnoses, and statistical outcomes for issues. My health care providers almost never touch me, and usually stand or sit on the other side of the room talking. I wonder if they really ever listen to me or if I am in a given female category according to my age at the time. Bottom line is that we are responsible for treatment we allow, and so we need to be informed consumers when it comes time to making those choices. 

I really panicked with the blood when it first happened and botched up my first bandaging efforts. I did watch for infection and took some pain meds, and made sure I didn't go into shock. I mean, after all, it was just a little cut. And now, I am whining more to myself than anyone else and its healing just fine.  Thing is, I dislike having such a wound, and hate how it interferes with my life and what I want to do in a given day. So being better fast is really a priority. If the affirmation helps, then affirm away!