Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Da Mail

I hadn't heard about a quilt I shipped, so checked the tracking number on it to discover they are returning it and say it is undeliverable! I checked the address in my files, and it is the one they say is on the package. I checked another address on my receipt to discover it is going to the wrong city! At least two of the packages I sent that day are misdirected. My total bill was over $94!!!

Needless to say, I have a trip planned to the PO this morning to see if I can get this resolved.

I've read that the highest incidence of missing quilts happens when they go through the mail system. I thought I was taking extra precautions in how I shipped that included a tracking number, but human error still happens, and every clerk I speak with just shrugs and says either that they don't know what happened, or wants to turn it back to me to say I did something wrong. I am willing to admit my own errors, however in this case, even their records say I had the right addresses on the packages.

We do live in an era where few people are willing to take responsibility for their company as well as their own work. and why is that? Simple accountability goes a long way. I started adding the 'tracking' factor just because I never knew if the package arrived, as well as sometimes having a carrier leave a package out in the weather to get rain/snow damaged.

Its like I have to pay more to ensure their system. No wonder people get frustrated. I am not just pointing my frustrated consumer finger on our postal system. It happens elsewhere in other stores or with other services, which is why I think consumers get so upset and lash out. Sometimes their anger is a release from feelings about many similar issues, and they have reached the end of their patience. Its hard to start fresh. 

And this is yet another bugaboo that goes with this season.

One of the things I look at is the rising cost of postage because almost everything I have for my family needs to be shipped. If the quality of service has dropped, then what re-course do I have as a consumer? This will be one of the questions I ask today when I go in. Meanwhile, I need to keep doing what I am doing, and be sure to double/triple check addresses and bring a list of them with me to check the receipt before I leave the office. I want to be sure I AM doing my part in keeping the system running to serve my personal needs.

How did it get so complex? and why?