Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Recipe Card Templates

I am still finishing up 2014 holiday projects. 

What's a quilter doing copying recipe card templates?  Well, I tell you, two of my Granddaughters are off on their own, soon to be followed by a third. And while I am making quilted things for them in their new homes, there is more to my soul's delight, and more to our time together. When I lived in MN and times I have visited, we spent some days baking and cooking. I have recipes they might enjoy now.

I made one of them a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors and pages for recipes that their other Grandmother & I wrote in for her. 

I played with the copy feature long enough to figure out how to print 2 and 4 up (or on) a page. I always had office staff to help print my work so this is a new skill...do not be laughing!

Personally I like the 3-ring binder and protection sheets because if I see a recipe in a magazine, I can rip it out and put it in the top loading sheet protector. And when I am cooking or baking, I can take the sheet out and with me whether it is to the grocery store for ingredients or to another counter where It all goes into my magickal cauldron (a.k.a. Kitchen-aide mixer).

I plan to shop in the big city next Saturday and considered recipe card boxes. I am not sure if I want to go that way or the 3-ring binder. I tried writing out a recipe on the index cards and found it crunched for space.

Recipe card templates are saved onto a desktop folder and am ready to print either way. Mother had an index card/box that she wrote in and taped recipes on the small cards. I think its a sweet memory of her which is why I considered it for the grrrrls. Thing is, recipes give much more information on them now and need more space.

These printed cards won't go to waste if I either cannot make up my mind or in fact, change it and decide to wait to make the books for them. I signed up for a couple of recipe swaps where they will come in handy for that reason. I might even use some of the full page sizes for my own 3-ring binder. Some of the pages are looking pretty ragged.