Sunday, November 30, 2014

1 Solstice Project Each Month

I've been thinking how to go the next step with my planning / financial issues that bunch up expenses towards the last quarter of the year. I saw that other bloggers have similar issues and make commitments with their blogs to do small projects that are group-inspired. I looked at what they did for the last couple of years and while some projects are great, others are not items I would take interest in making.

To meet my own needs I decided to do monthly projects on or by the 22nd of each month in celebration of Winter Solstice (12/22/15). I've been collecting ideas I see that I want to use, and now need to make my gift list and then match up my projects for that is a catchy name. Projects for Peeps. I will sit with that for awhile.

I belong to several groups that always have ideas and think that if I am at least a month ahead planning, that I can keep going. Also, a number of quilting magazines and You Tube videos give great patterns. Needless to say, some of these projects are going to take more time than one sit-down-day. 

I've also been thinking I would like to make a quilt or two that is meant to comfort have it ready to go when need arrives. As it is, there are 13 quilts that are in process right now that are designated to family members, plus others I want to make that are as of now undesignated. That's a lot. 

This year, I did come up with a lot of smaller projects, some not even quilting like those Book Safes. I love the two Book Safes I made! And now I am working on Money Trees. If anyone has ideas, please email them to me privately and I will consider if they would work with my skills, interest and budget. The challenge is always making something someone will actually use. I don't want to turn out projects that are not well received or useful to the recipient.

Feel free to use the comment link on the sidebar with your ideas. They won't go public but if there are ideas good to share, I will do that too.