Monday, December 1, 2014

And it is December

It was a great day to catch up raking leaves. Luckily we have a leaf blower! I filled the trash container for the second time this Autumn and pick up isn't until Thursday. 

My gardens are growing on their own and only need a small bit of maintenance. There are three trees out back and they drop at different times, so raking needs to be done in increments over a few weeks. I have decided to move the pond towards the center of the back wall because its a spot that doesn't get water from the underground sprinklers and I think it will be more accessible for birds and animals.

We brought the bin of holiday lights in from the shed too, so I spent time washing windows and trying to hang them on new suction cups. The cups will go back to the store. I put up a few nails over each window and let light strands hang down. I bought 24-hour timers a few years back, so now I can enjoy them later at night as well as early in the morning. I used to string them outside but like them better this way.

I pulled out the soft items too and was surprised at how many things I've made myself over the years from early potholders, coasters, wall hangings, a table cloth, to pillowcases and a lap quilt. Clearly, they were practice pieces and still make me smile.

I did a lot of cleaning, besides washing all the windows inside, and pulled out the next few quilts I plan to finish. The only thing that is left to work on before the holidays are those Money Trees, and they are just easy to pick up and put down.

I laid out fabrics for one of the block swaps. This one is is for a log cabin block in dark blues and creams and goes to a new quilting friend I've made who lives out east and immigrated from northern Italy over four years ago. We have been chatting a lot, which makes me deeply appreciate being online. She has told me much about her life in Italy, and of course, because of the December holidays, we have been talking about the seasonal traditions. 

I feel pretty lucky to make easy acquaintances with quilters for the short time we are in the swap together. Over the years, it seemed that creating friendships has not always been easy. People are short on time, yet with online connections, we can just sit in front of our computers when it is convenient.