Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ready for backing

The fabric store is open this morning. The quilt measures 68 x 98 and my calculations say it will take 5 1/2 yards, so at least $12.50, that brings it to around $70. And yes, I could go online to get some cheaper fabric, but this one needs to be matched well, and I am not taking chances.

I've gone shopping for garden supplies already today using a gift card for Home Depot, my only big store in town; besides a shovel and furnace filters, I got a foundation block for my water fountain, some white gravel to go around it, and seven 16" square stepping stones going from the back gate into the yard. Of course, I need to wait until we get some warmer weather before I want to get out and do the work. There was just a couple of dollars left, so I picked a Mexican Coke- Coke made and bottled in Mexico. 

Cutting on the Constellations quilt is coming along, but seems slow. No, wait. It is boring. Cutting fabric is boring. There is so much on this one, and as soon as I finish doing the light fabrics, I will set it aside for another day.