Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trying Something New

A woman of courage is also a woman of faith. I read once that our courage is animated by our faith, yet to risk something new or what we think is outside our reach, is like having to grab hold of both courage & faith to get the job done.

I went out shopping for fabrics. Yes, I know, all those fabrics already in my stash just waiting. One of my dearest friends asked for a quilt. It started out as a wall hanging and has become this twin size quilt that I know I will enjoy. I had to shop to get the right colors and may or may not have scraps from this project that will add to that stash.

This quilt will make a difference in my life because I am stepping into the unknown to learn a new technique. I've had a lot of role models in my life who have continually reached out for what was not common in their lives. I am not sure what they believed in, but whatever it was, they were willing and able to take a risk. I want to be that kind of woman, whether its quilting or just living my life.

As scary as this new way of quilting is, its just paper piecing. Its a Jinny Beyer pattern, and I really want to make it. I went into the fabric store and selected 12 pieces that have the color-way ranging from olive greens, into blues and then into dark mauve and ending in pink. I really love them.

The online tutorials say that once you get started, paper piecing becomes easy. So OK, I am game for a new skill. I admit its daunting, and wish I had someone who could come into my office-studio and show me how to do it. However, there are tutorials on You Tube, and that is where I will spend some time getting to know it.

Meanwhile, I need to make two 6" blocks for the Australian swap. My partner for this month requested the Friendship Block in any colors. I had not put away the scraps from Jer's Kaleidoscope quilt, and they were just a little over-size for what I need and are perfect. These pieces are just cut and not joined. The plan is to do another one in reverse. Of course, they have to measure 6.5" square before they qualify for sending, with enough room on the edges for the points.