Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feeling Bold

To be bold, in my mind, is to chose our own destinations, and to be brave enough to change course if where we are going is not in our best interest, or simply that we have changed our mind and want to go or do something else. To be bold is to act with determination, reaching out and moving forward toward our goals rather than to sit around waiting for something to happen.

I've been cutting for a couple of days now, and put the results of it into a clear bag. Of course, I checked off what I had done on the pattern. The next cutting session is that dark blue fabric with the constellation stars on it. Below that is the white contrast fabric.

What was left for me was this pile of fabric that needs to be re-sorted by colors, and perhaps, if time allows, I will trim pieces to fit in the scrap boxes that hold smaller squares. Those boxes really helped in the gathering of blocks for this quilt.

And now, it gets set aside so I can join the two larger pieces for the back of the Kaleidoscope quilt. Before setting it aside, I want to re-examine the pattern to make sure I was clear about the next step and what I had done. 

Learning to proceed like this takes patience and even courage, along with a firm conviction that I do this for me, and I am worth all the time and trouble. When I come back to the project, I can open it with peace and even joy. I don't have to wonder where I will wander and be all over the place. 

I could say that this is how I do my magick as I quilt.