Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Log on the Fire

I finished the Log Cabin block for my swap. This pattern calls for them to be 1.5" wide, which is an inch less narrow than what I learned to make. My partner wanted it in dark blues and cream with the dark blue center. Tradition says the centers are to be either a red or yellow to symbolize the hearth. 

It is quite pleasing to look at, and I would bet her finished quilt will be stunning. Some of these are made with all one fabric for the dark and one for the light, which makes them sophisticated. She was ok with the scrappy look which is what I did here. It looks to me like a dark sky over a sandy beach. I like it a lot.

The high contrast in quilting has a great deal of appeal. There are endless names for it: Naughty & Nice; Night & Day; Sand & Surf; Male & Female. Everything is up to interpretation.

When we are with an opposite, and imagine we are holding hands in a dance, spinning, we really only have eyes for that being while the rest of the world is blurred. Its energetically very charged, and so it is in quilting.

The Log Cabin pattern is remarkable from how unique blocks can look to the myriad of layouts for the quilt. I think I made four of them this year, and all of them so very different from each other. There are not any Log Cabin quilts planned for next year, but they go together so easily that one might get made.

I am still working on those Money Trees. And also, have another idea that I saw...with Hershey's Kisses in a jar...I am using plastic so I can mail them. I need to simply buy the candy, wrap the jars and glue the label on the lid. I thought they might make an easy gift this year for the elders in my family. I might add some affirmations too.