Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Friendship Stars

I do like this little block. It brings me lots of joy either in seeing the points match or not.

For instance, this one, headed right to my "wonky" box. The bottom strip got turned around and would have been easy enough to rip and re-do. Yet, there is a certain charm in it. I like having that wonky box to fill with the blocks that just are not quite within the requirements for my swap, while my partners who are making 'official' wonky blocks really struggle to get the block "right". Its not about being right or wrong as much as it is smiling at the results.

I did ship off 4 successful blocks to my partner. However, I made nine of them before feeling good about these 4, and they do provide enough differences for her to select what will work best on her project. I made each one in different fabric combinations so that if they did not work to ship, and I kept them, that there wouldn't be any repeats.

I rather like all my attempts at them, because it gives me an opportunity to see how fabrics go with each other. The largest square here was 2 7/8" used for the HST (half square triangles) and the others were 2.5". I've learned that the prints must be smaller and the contrast higher for these smaller 6" blocks.

Also, I made the 72 copies for the paper piecing patterns. Each block has its own pattern that gets sewn over and then cut away. My next step with these copies is to label them with the block number as well as the colors that go on it. Then the fun begins.