Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

I do have a project that needs to be completed for a gift swap on the 25th, but am still thinking about it. I want to make two coordinating fabric boxes and only bought 1/3 yard of two different fabrics. I do not plan to work on it today, and because it is also a New Moon, I am making besoms or small brooms from herbs I harvested from my garden.

Winter in Cali, where I live is always odd, and this year is no exception. Roses still bloom, and horrifically, my furnace is out (control box has a leak) so I am using a couple of space heaters. It is going to take awhile to get it fixed because we are in the midst of two holiday weeks where folks are not working.
The two herbs I harvested are bee balm flower centers, and broom corn. My plan is to make two smaller besoms.

When I think of the shortest day and longest night, I know that change is happening. This is a balance of sorts even though they are not equal amounts of time. And balance isn't about equality, though certainly, equality comes to us in various ways.

My thoughts suddenly went to civil rights and equal rights, and women's rights, and religious rights. These movements started because people saw and felt the injustice of inequality and wanted change. I am not writing more about any of them, though I could. 

What I am doing, what I always do, is to go on with my day and do the next thing that I can get done. I change things by my attitude and my intentions. I change things by what and how I say things. We all do. Today, I am making these besoms using the energy of both the New Moon and the Winter Solstice. And in case, you are not getting it, I am putting a lot of magickal intentions into my work to bring balance back into the world.

Happy day and night.