Sunday, December 7, 2014

Found the Missing Pages

Ok, I am still a bit foggy about this, however, the pages thought to be gone are still in the design function of the blog. I feel pretty accomplished that I found them, even though I haven't been able to restore them to the blog as of yet. Well, I haven't tried, and may not bother for a little while.

It got me thinking about what I wrote about the delete button. Computers are just brains, and like the human brain, when something fails, its a matter of re-routing the information. Nothing is really ever lost when you hit the delete key, or try to unsubscribe from something that won't let you go. Memories might fade, but it doesn't take much to be reminded of something and find yourself reliving the adventure as if it was just happening.

Last time, when I left the quilt retreat exhausted, I thought I simply gathered up my things to go home. As was said in my previous post, I was so surprised to find that I had pinned the remaining four Kaleidoscopes individually, and more so, one just had four sections to completion. Another was pieced so that it could go to the sewing machine. These two are complete.

The third one was at the stage of piecing so that half of it is finished. The other half and the fourth Kaleidoscope need back ground triangles cut, which is the project for tomorrow. I want to lay out what I have, and make sure I have the setting triangles cut before going back to the fabric for six more background triangles to finish these.

Again, this is all a memory thing. I can only hope that the next quilts have been left in as good enough order for me to just step into the process again without too much heartache.

My gifts are packaged and ready to ship out on Monday. I even baked a homey batch of Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Today was filled with unexpected treats.