Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Found a Pattern

Some time ago, I was given a novelty print that has teapots and teacups on it. For awhile, my Daughter-In-Law collected the teacups and may still have them in storage. I've been looking for a quilt pattern so I could use up the novelty print and the other pieces of fabric I thought might go with it.

I finally found a pattern, though it means looking for one more print to give it some variety, which is fine. The magazine I found it in is a Fonz & Porter's Quilting Quickly, Summer 2014. When I looked online for it, the magazine published a pattern digitally and has a free video tutorial.What a find!   realigned_large_blocks_quilt_project

I am not sure I will get to this one this year, but am one step closer to making it. I want to engage her in a casual conversation to see if she is still interested before I start it.

One of my dear cousins sent me a gorgeous card with Cardinals on it. I must let the world know how much I miss them (they do not fly West of the Rockies). I was impressed that she remembered that about me, and told her that I am not as aware of people's preferences. It made me think that I need to step up my consciousness in this area and pay more attention to what people say.