Friday, December 19, 2014

Note To Self

As we perform, our life happens and our experiences determine what our identity is. 

So it is with quilting. The blocks for Nick's quilt back were pieced in rows and then the rows were pieced for the center of the back. To what end? Still no Note To Self from when I originally designed the back with these blocks. 

It is so very different from the front, which is detailed, and orderly, structured in color and design. (in my previous post.) I surrendered to the concept of random construction when I joined the blocks. Sure more time could have been spent laying them out. Even now, as I look at this pic, I think to myself that I could have shifted certain blocks...and then I let it go. The only thing preventing total chaos is the sashing to one side that forms columns. Yet, there is no outside border. If I add an outside border, then it can be trimmed after the basting/machine quilting. 

Was this something I considered with the leftover & uncut pieces of fabric? Maybe, just maybe, a new fabric can be introduced for this border. 

As I pieced this quilt or performed the fabric art, it happened or started to take form, and this experience is determining its identity.

Yet, it remains a mystery. I don't have a plan. I can't write a Note To Self unless what it says is that "I don't know".

It has to be enough for another time. I folded both the front and the back, placed them in a to-do bin with the leftover fabric, and wrote a Note To Self that says, "Good luck! The back needs a top and bottom border to fit with the front. Good luck, because I don't know what I want to do next."

This is the value of the Note To Self. Its about memory, and the time it takes to start over or figure out what was going on. Its about being clear with myself about my goals. When I see the Note To Self, I can change my mind or just pick up where I left off. 

It is a signal of self-respect, one of honoring creativity and time management. It is me loving my work as a fabric artist.

And if, by chance, someone else picks up my project, they can see my Note To Self as good information and decide if they want to finish it.