Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And the Old Year Fades

I spent time re-doing my lists on the blog side bar. I only have two things I want to learn but they are both biggies. And I pulled out the Solstice gift projects and made a new list for them. Then I sorted two of my fabric bins into colors. Maybe this sorting will work better than the last ones.

One of my 12" Quilt Block swap partners for January lives north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Most people, including myself, often forget just how big Australia is. Queensland is more than twice the size of Texas. 

Whenever I get an Australian partner, I like to find them on a map, and also research some history. Of course, it was named for Queen Victoria, and the capital is Brisbane. The history is so expansive that its hard for me to know where to start or even what information I would like to have. Sometimes a partner will share this information, sometimes not. In truth, I am more interested in plant and animal life than I am in populations and industry. Its all overwhelming, and in isolating the information, I learned that much of the northern area of rainforests were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

This partner changed her block request after we were matched. She told me not to go to too much trouble on her block and that she did not want what was on her profile.

I've always wanted to try the Disappearing 4-patch because I have made the D9P and loved it. What I learned is that it was a similar construction (similar but not the same) as some placemats I made for a couple of friends in MN. Here is the first layout. Each block is cut 7.5", sewn together as a 4-patch, and then cut 5.5" from each of the sides.

Then the twisty-turn magickal part of it is simple. You swap out the smaller strips, top with bottom & left with right. Piece together like a 9-patch, then trim to the 12.5" square. Very easy & it took less than an hour from fabric selection to final trim and press. Its a great block pattern that is clear to read.

My second 12" Block Swap partner was also just assigned, and she would like any Star block in jewel tones. I plan to make both of them 12" Friendship Star blocks and hope they go together easier than the 6" stars did. I will be getting needed practice on those blocks.

The Gas Co. tech showed up today to evaluate what was needed in the house. She gave me 4 energy efficient light bulbs, and lots of papers to read. Now, she said, another woman will call on Monday (maybe, right?) to set an appointment with the repair person. Also, she is sending another person to re-do the insulation around both doors, and replace my shower faucet, and ....well, I need to read the papers. Evidently, when you get to be a senior citizen, the utility companies make some changes without charging. Nice, if it happens. I just want heat in the house again. 

Big thing is admitting that I am a senior citizen. Jeeze.