Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Friends

While it is still cold in the house, the space heater in this room makes it cozy enough to work.  What I think is important to me at this time, with this situation, is that I am willing to adapt to whatever it seems to throw at me.

Being holed up in this room is almost like being in a cave that is warm in the center and cold to the touch on all the walls and floor, and I am unwilling to fall asleep...resisting a rest, as usual.

I made 12" Friendship Star blocks for the two January swaps. This first one is made with holiday fabrics for the Christmas Block Swap. I know she said she didn't want me to go to any trouble, and really this one was so much easier than the 6" versions of the same block.

And the second Friendship Star Block goes to the regular swap where the partner gets to chose the style and the colors. She wanted a gray background with the colors she named in a star block. I want to try another version of the FSB in three colors and see if the contrast will be better. Now that I see the pic, it seems that they are the same value.
I know it is hard to see the difference between a 12" and a 6" block when it is the same pattern. I didn't end up with any wonkys. Points were on and size was accurate. I was most pleased.

I spent the time of a movie video cutting more of the blocks for my older Son's quilt. It needs a bit more 'shirting' fabric for the borders and hourglass cuts. Shirting material is just a little less than regular quilting material and I would like it more consistent. I've decided to use whites with various colored dots (mostly blues) and make it scrappy too. A FQ will make up four 9.5" squares & I still need enough for 15 more. The constellation fabric squares have first cuts & will need second cuts, as well as cutting for borders, so there is a lot to do on this one before it is ready for piecing.

The room temp is dropping as it gets later in the evening and I plan to put the space heater in the bedroom shortly. Its not an intolerable situation, just dang uncomfortable.

Yet with the New Year, I am working to make this day filled with peace and positive energy.  Baaa (year of the Sheep).