Sunday, January 4, 2015

Making the Cuts

Creative work is the fullest expression of being alive. There is an inner demand in my life to create things of beauty. It has always been so for me as I reflect on my life and is so for me now.

It surprises me how many cuts there are in the Constellation quilt for my older Son. Once again, I got confused by the pattern instructions. I wonder if the challenge is here because I am following instructions, where many times in my past, I have refused to do it and went my own way. Of course, being that stubborn or rebellious, things often took more time than they needed to take and in some instances, didn't work out.

There will be 50 star blocks to the entire quilt. Instructions say to cut 100 pairs of the 2.5" squares. I am not sure I will keep that bright green in it now that I see it in the photo and may find another pair cut from traditional dark fabrics. It stands out too much here.

Then, the instructions say to cut 50 sets of 4 matching 2.5" squares from light fabrics. I need one more set. 

The math of it all has my head spinning. Each of the star blocks are made up of a 4-patch in the center, and 4 corner pieces in the light 2.5" squares. Originally, I thought the darks and lights would make up the centers, but this is not so. All the darks are in the center, and all the lights make up the corners of the star blocks. When the "duh" moment finally came, and I read the pattern again, it was as though all my desires for World Peace had come to fruition. 

If this is like creating World Peace, then it does start with the individual. And it is claimed over and over again as we move through our days and nights.