Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Working Backwards

Or so it seems. 

I find it difficult to accept my mistakes. I guess I think I should know everything without having to learn it. Or I should know better. Sure it is human to make mistakes and I am really ok when others do it. Just not me. And I thought I had released all that need for perfectionism. 

However, I know that when I do something that doesn't work out, I have to keep trying, keep coming up with solutions ...soul utions...if you will. 

My attempt with the first paper piecing block had me returning to the tutorial several times and I was still often confused. Then I thought I had it. Or did I?

First, place #1 fabric face up, the rest of them face down. And everything is backwards from how things are usually pieced. Thing is, as is seen in this pic, the fabric pieces have to go beyond the borders...white space of the pattern showing through is not a good attempt. Jinny Beyer had suggested sizes to cut for each piece but they were too small for my newbie fingers to place them properly. That was my fail for the first one. I believe the measurements she gives are for quilters who know what they are doing. I need to cut much bigger and then trim. Not only did I waste time, and fabric, but it was frustrating.

I had to cut fabric for the pattern upside down. Or maybe I am making it too confusing. The explanation wasn't clear to me. I thought that was how it worked. Or maybe it is because I am doing this on my own, and Mercury is in Retrograde. Honestly, I've always been technically challenged by learning new things. It simply takes me more time to wrap my head around new things.

I actually started over three times with this block, so when it got to this stage, it presented a whole new mistake on my part, one that made me go back and do that section again. I don't have confidence yet. However, I am going to keep working on it.

What I do see is the need for a vision and usually I have visions for my work. I am really in a fog and going on instinct or intuition with this.

This is Row #1/Block B1. While the background to it isn't a cat, I can see that I playing with the batiks to get a cat from each block is going to be essential. Amy wanted it to end with pinks and this may work. I am so pleased with the crispness of the points.

My next one for Row #2/Block B2 was like starting all over again. I will create body memory and need to keep doing it for awhile. And I find myself humming that "Beers on the Wall" song, modified to say "Two blocks of cats on the wall, two blocks of cats....make one up and start again, you got.... 70 more blocks of cats left to go" or some such nonsense. Each block is made in two parts and then joined. Its going to get easier with more practice. I've been told that with this pattern, the hardest thing will be in getting the gradient colors. 

I feel very accomplished with these two B blocks for today, and am willing to take pleasure in every moment they bring in the future. Not too sure about the song though. I am open to other suggestions.