Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's Next?

In some of my classes I taught for Women's Studies, I used to say that self-image is not who we really are, but the combination of who we wish we were, who we are afraid to be, and who we imagine others think we are. 

Sometimes I think I clean and organize my working area for these reasons of self-imaging. Yet, I really need order to keep moving forward. Yes, the paper piecing project is sitting. Waiting.

I put Sophia's Summer quilt away for now. And as I made room for it in the bin, I pulled out Tony's Mystery Quilt and the back fabric I bought for it. There is enough of the backing to make a small border for the top. And away it was placed. Then I worked on the next step of the Constellations quilt. Whew.

The February 12" Christmas Block Swap partners were assigned, so it was time to get back in the spirit. I took out the first year's swaps that are intended for my younger Grandson's quilt. Most of them came from Australia, some stateside, some I made. I have a red swirl that will work as sashing. Its on my to-do list, but not today. I thought about the backing I got for Tony's quilt and then wondered if it would go better on this quilt. I even started cutting fabric for the April Retreat.

My February Christmas Block Swap partner asked for a traditional House Block and I am thrilled beyond measure to make one. I pulled out the bin with all my holiday fabrics, found the white for the sky and then...

I did laundry, dusted the floor and re-stacked fabrics. It is a job I actually like because of what I do, where I do it and how. WTH? This all started because of quilting, because it is just as easy for me to forego those chores when I get going on a project. 

However, I need the floors clean. I need the shelves and bins organized. I need my "To-Do" list. Its all about the quilt-making, not about making an impression on anyone. Its not about wishing I were someone else. Its not being afraid of my intensity, or of my commitments. This is who I am as a quilter who has no housekeeper, no administrative assistant, no cook. Its all on me.