Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sometimes You Just Keep Quilting

I am not sure where I am with the hand quilting. Far from completed with it, yet, not really sure if I am halfway or not quite, or beyond. The frame is amazing because I can walk away from it and not have to struggle so much. 

Hand quilting is a huge commitment to any project and I really didn't know how much easier the frame made it. Any photos taken would look pretty much the same with it draped over the top and secured with the four boards around it. Brilliant creation.

This particular project reminds me about how I get going on daily projects and have a hard time seeing the start and finish. Its like doing dishes. Seems like the kitchen is always wanting attention. With hand quilting, there is gear that needs to go on. I use a leather thimble for my right middle finger and then these self-adhesive dots for my left pointer finger underneath the quilt. With 70 dots in a package, this is still the original one I got when I first started hand quilting. They make a huge difference. I am on my third leather finger guard. 

I went to Bakersfield with the neighbor today. We went to three stores and had lunch. It was a nice break in my routine. I picked up a couple of spools of machine quilting thread for the next two projects, got a couple of yards of a holiday chevron for binding, and a yard of fleece to use for two pet beds. 

Its tempting to cut and run seams up, but they can wait until the 22nd of some month. I started collecting fabric scraps in a basket sitting on the floor next to my closet mirrors. Over the years, I tossed wastebaskets full of them even though some folks told me about using them. Not sure what raised my consciousness about it. What is nice about this idea is actually making the bag and using it over a wastebasket. then when it is filled, just sew the top seam closed. 

The fleece was on a 50% sale with another 25% coupon off the total purchases. Although there was a doggy paw print there, this one is the non-pill type for a few dollars more. I've learned to use a better fabric. I have two grand-pups and a few grand-cats who may enjoy these. I didn't want to buy too much fleece because most of my projects are already cut and waiting to piece. It might take awhile to build up the filling. And there are always sales at JoAnn's.