Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blending Cat Colors

Its just as easy to think "I can" as to think "I can't". Its been said that neither attitude has much to do with the task at hand as it does to the inner spirit of the person facing the task. I'm sure that we learn both attitudes as children. Then life has a way of also teaching success or failure. This week I have been focusing on doing my best and recognizing that my best will change and is very dependent upon how healthy I feel.

I returned to Amy's quilt that has Tessellating Tabbies as its pattern, and while I have done a lot of the pattern labeling on paper, labeling my swatch page, and the number pinning of the batik fabrics, after making the cuts for the first B block, I discovered that there was one more step to the prep work. I needed to name colors on each pattern page so I don't get lost mid-project. Its really confusing to read words that are the same and yet go for something different.

Before any more got done on this first B block, I took the time to go back to page four of the main pattern booklet for the block layout, and then to my swatch page, and finally transcribed the color letter on each block pattern. While it seems to be a lot of work, its how I plan ahead, and what brings me to the state of "I can".

About halfway through lettering the A blocks, I saw a different letter required on one piece of the block. I realized that one piece in every one of the A blocks was a different batik! 

That one piece on each of the copies needed to be re-lettered. I was not as ready to start paper piecing as I thought.

This one little piece makes up the tail color for the cat above it, and contributes to the interlocking or 'tessellating' look. Better to have found it now! And that step actually helped me see how the colors will go onto the pattern.

Those four cuts above (in my first pic) are all that will be needed from that one batik fabric. Just barely used it, in truth. I am not worried about coordinating the remaining blocks just because I did that blending of colors when I purchased the material. I really believe the batiks will be kind to the kitties.

A 39-minute You Tube tutorial I found is at PP Art: Beginner & Beyond. It makes a tree that I decided to make first & use on a Wonky quilt. 

I am excited to work on paper piecing now that I see it evolve in my own work. This first block is actually going to be the top left corner of the quilt and this color will serve as a background for the first black cat. So far, so good, even though I have yet to paper piece. I cut the black out for the first of the B blocks, 

and now... well, as Scarlett O'Hara said in "Gone With the Wind," I'll think about that tomorrow.