Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rocking, its called rocking

I thought I was rolling my needle through the fabric, however, its called rocking the stitch. And when I think of it, that makes more sense. Funny how words matter. In our relationships we can make unbelievable defenses with each other just on how we interpret a single word or a sentence. And does it really matter, I wonder?

There is a saying, 'her house, her rules' that we learned as children playing with dolls. We could have the best dressed dolly and all her accessories, but when we went to a friend's home for her tea party, she was the boss of us all.  Here are a few of my dolls, and they don't get a lot of attention. In fact, I realize there are some missing who are scattered around my house that might have a better view of my work if they sat on this shelf. I might need to take time out and gather them together. 

I grew up as a solitary child; I understood "the rule" for adults in my life, and have always kept it with respect for my peers. It might not be one that is understood by younger generations with the changes we've made for our young females to be competitive team players, corporate execs and community leaders. Power is a shifting value just like rocking a needle through fabric to make a quilt sandwich. I think most younger women are still trying to figure out their personal power.

I've seen photos of groups of women sewing together in sweat shops and their own homes, and yet know its not something I want to do, even with the advantages of finishing a quilt faster and building community. This pic, in particular shows the standard hard chairs they endured sitting upon, and sometimes when I am elsewhere, this is how it feels. I rather like quilting alone in the comfort of my home.

My house, my rules, so it seems. My dolls form my in-house intentional community. I remember sitting up or away and watching the adults in my life the way I have them do.

I spent almost 4 hours on Jer's quilt and from the last photo, it seems a slow go. I have decided to pre-wash it and check for popped threads and any other issue that comes up.