Sunday, January 25, 2015

No Paper Piecing for Me

That's right. I made soup and did all sorts of weekend things instead of working with the Paper Piecing project, and not knowing what I was doing. Its not an excuse nor a reason. I don't expect to move forward all at once. I know I am complex, irregular and uneven, not that is anything new for me, but now, I tend to do things much slower than when I was younger, just bursting through life. Its been a long process and I am ok with letting things flow.

Luckily, I had the fall- back project to work on that didn't take calculating or trying something new. I finished machine quilting, trimmed it, cut fabric for binding, joined, pressed it and have it rolled in a ball. It is a stunning quilt. This was another Mystery Quilt I made. Although every one of them turns out great, I always think about what they might look like if I knew where the fabrics would go. 

Aptly named, Holiday Lights, this one is really bright overall and yet, has become one of my favorites just because of its brightness. It goes to one of my Nephews, and I have NO idea how he uses color in his life. He has jet black hair and reminds me so much of my Godfather when he was that age. It will be set aside with the first side of the binding pinned and ready to join. I know I will pick it up and work on it so will leave it folded here in the studio.

I am going to watch the tutorial again and do the first B block with it, stopping between the steps. 

Rex gave me a new "smart" iron as a Winter Solstice gift, and it took me awhile to understand how it operates.
One thing that Paper Piecing requires is pressing after each seam is joined, so I am sure to make use of her gift once I get going on these blocks. 

Tutorials first, practice next.