Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just Want to Crank up the Heat!

That makes me laugh remembering the reality of a shut-down furnace.  Someone said that life is a deadly serious game as well as one that demands laughter, relaxation and the ability to play. Our lives can be quite touching and subject to heroism if we are open to see those moments, even in ourselves. Always, there is the beautiful and the horrible. The task seems to be present and then to be authentic with our responses. This is how we find meaning, value and worth.

With temps eeking over the high 50's into the 60's, the days here are not so bad. I signed up to make another prayer flag and might make two again, so I can hang one in my back yard with the first one. It would be nice to have my own string of them, blowing in the fierce winds here. This one is an example I found online and something I might make for myself. Its really important for these to be made with the swap partner's profile in mind. Prayer can be a universal concept, however, I would not want to send something outside their beliefs to a person and have them be unable to use it. It means reading their profile carefully and perhaps communicating with them in advance to be sure. If they have written an authentic profile, that becomes easier to interpret. My work is more abstract with them than this example is anyway.

Like I said earlier, the hand quilting on Jer's quilt is moving right along, but the visual progress seems slight. I'll take another pic after today's work for the next post. I know that I will not be hand quilting a lot of my work this year and plan to do the others by machine. This table frame is amazing to hold both the weight of the project and help keep the place that I am at with it. There is no folding away and taking out.