Thursday, January 15, 2015

Onto More

My energy was really higher than it has been for awhile and that might be because I am getting deep sleep. Not having heat in the house, I put up a piece of foam board insulation over my bedroom window and hung a very dark purple corduroy over it. They both lock out the light! After my last call in to the utilities department, I decided that they could, would and are taking their sweet time getting my furnace control fixed, and I was responsible for either being a victim or surviving this cold.

For whatever reason, it came to me that being a victim with anything or anyone was like giving up my power to create, and to live full out. It is irresponsibility to place myself in the hands of anyone. I just don't care to engage in the conflict or the blame game. Once I decided that, my energy drew back from "those people" and was mine again.

Yes, I finished the hand quilting project. Before I go too much further with it, I want to check each seam and make sure I didn't miss anything. Not by dim light, but in the full daylight and cold of the room. 

I discovered that all my bobbins were loaded with a beige for piecing and there were none left to do the teal blue on the Kaleidoscope quilt. To change that situation, I chain stitched the center 4-patches on the Constellation quilt that will evolve into star blocks. Are there 50? I think there will be 50 stars. I have to check the pattern. Not all of the 4-patches were started, and these pairs will need to be pressed open and joined to their partners. I really like working like this, which is about setting up projects so that I can flit from one to another without wasting time or needing to stay with one to the end. Most quilts will finish out before fall to be mailed by Thanksgiving.

Other projects I started involved more cutting and need to be finished soon. I belong to a 6" block swap and we are to make two blocks that measure 6.5" from 100% quilting weight cotton. I've got patterns for three different blocks. My partner, this month, is open to any Star pattern in any colors. It is my hope that two of them will turn out good enough to send. Those 6" blocks that fail to meet the standards will go into the Wonky box and be adjusted in whatever they need. She is from Italy and lives in Rome. She is married with a 3-year-old Son and works in the airport. I am LOVING our email conversations. She is the third Italian woman I have met in three consecutive months.

The other project is for a swapbot swap that I am hosting called ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDE/ IMBOLC ENERGY. The idea of it is to make something for one partner that holds the energy of a Winter animal we might see or imagine. I suggested providing some text or research and then making something of substance for the partner to either hang, wear or set on an altar.

I selected Raven because I see so many of them outside. My research was really wonderful and I learned a great deal from it. One of the legends says that the Great Spirit put the energies of creation into boxes that were given to all the Animals because they came before Humans. Well, you know how Seagulls can be..."Mine, mine, mine." And flew off with the box refusing to open it. Great Spirit sends Raven. Raven gets Seagull to drop the box and releases the Sun, Moon and Stars.

A box. I love the fabric boxes I've made. It is a perfect choice for the legend as well as my skills. I have this black fabric with moons and stars that glow in the dark. And I found a yellow (which doesn't show in the pic) to represent the Sun. Legend says that Raven is responsible for bringing light to the daytime, and enlightenment at night.

And then, after finishing these smaller projects, my attention will turn to paper piecing.