Monday, January 12, 2015

2nd Post For Monday

Something happened to me while I was doing what I thought was boring work. I became enchanted by cutting my scraps and sorting them into clear shoe-box size containers. It is brainless work, for the most part. Yet, being organized and finding ways to reduce the bulk of scrap fabrics is such a joy for me. I appreciate everything that has been given to me, and my goal this week is to do the work of a cutter.

There are three more larger containers for me to go through and do this organized cutting. Hours and hours and hours of work. The rotary blade needs changing next, and each clear box needs its label or name: 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 2.5" strips. Nothing is colorized but sits in its like-sized box quite randomly. Each box holds the potential to become one of those scrappy quilts that so many folks seem to enjoy.

I got to thinking about making random quilts with these squares and started to see how making one without planning it would be like releasing someone I love to find their own way in the world. I don't have to say the right words in the right way any more than I have to match one square to another or ensure that the colors get spread out. 

This one was made in Pinks for Grandgrrrl #4 last year. It was more focused than what is going to happen with the scrappy version, but is really an easy make. The unifying factor seems to be the border(s), and with all the scrappy 2.5" strips, they will become binding in another random way.

Even with our best efforts, we don't have the power to change another person. And what happens is going to be ok. In fact, if its like one of these quilts, something happens to make it valued. Choices, mistakes, different paths. Who is to say those things are right or wrong if in the end, the person has found their identity, found their value, and learned their life lessons? 

I am going to fill up these shoe-box containers with like sized squares and then start piecing. Randomly piecing and trusting that everything will work out in the end.