Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2, Block 2

Some days, I feel mighty humbled by my quilting. I struggle between accepting my limitations and wanting to improve. It has become a fine line to walk.

Never knowing what the recipients of my work actually think, it is all a mind game in my own head as to whether my quilting projects are 'worthy' or 'enough'. 

While the second 12" Friendship Star block I made yesterday was fine, I didn't really like it as much as the one made of holiday fabrics. So I went looking for other Friendship Star patterns and found one that took 3 fabrics and gives much better contrast. These half square triangles (HST) are still a challenge for me. I took apart one of the points three times before it finally matched up. Also, different, is the spin of the star. The first one leans to the left and this one to the right. I do like how it turned out and will send her both.

Sometimes, when I say to myself that I am not enough, its almost like a cop-out or a way out of not seeing the truth about my skills. Things I do can be changed. I can re-do or rip, like I did with this block. Other times, I just tossed the blocks into either an orphan bin or the wonky box. In one way, that is a cop-out, even though I will use them. 

I have this need to do my best almost to being perfect, and that can be a real burden. Thing is, I really do not want to send something out that isn't going to hold up to use, or in the case of these blocks won't fit in their work. Some things need to measure up. Yet, a lot of my projects are made so that I can practice. Herein is that fine line between acceptance and knowing there is room for improvement.

As I look at the pic above, I have to say that ripping and re-doing that one point was worth my efforts. It may not be perfect, but it really is enough to make me happy.