Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Becoming an Expeditor

An expeditor is someone who moves things along quickly and efficiently, to get the job done on time. In some settings the expeditor is responsible for the quality of their products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Its definitely a vital skill to have for a quilter so that she doesn't end up with a lot of UFO's.

Again for me, a WIP (work in progress) is not the same as a UFO (unfinished object) simply because I plan to finish one and not the other. Someone looking at my bins might think differently. Usually I flit from one project to another, yet with this quilt, its been pretty steady hand quilting to meet its deadline.

The last two spins to the Kaleidoscope quilt are on the frame.  There are 8 days left in the month for me to finish before it needs to be shipped off. My younger Son is on a cruise in the Bahamas with his lady for the rest of the week and its so much warmer in the 70's there than it is in Minnesota where it is below freezing in the single digits. He will welcome the additional warmth of this quilt when it arrives for his birthday. Here, in my house, still no furnace heat and just at freezing outside. It keeps me warm too, as I work on it.

My personal nature struggles to finish things, any thing. I am a much better visionary and starter, so it takes more commitment from me to work on projects that are near-to-done. What is left to the center for this quilt is an easy job for today and tonight, and then it will lay across my bed so I can decide how the borders will be finished. I know that it will take me two nights to do hand sewing for the binding once the quilt is trimmed and the binding added by machine. Suddenly, a time crunch is looming ahead, and that always gets me going. Whatever is planned for the borders has to move along in a three-day/night time slot.