Saturday, January 3, 2015

Year of the Sheep

Some days are filled with errands. Minutia. Yet, the work of being at home quilting isn't possible without buying fabrics, getting birdseed for the feeder, and a part for the wiper blade, and groceries. Even telephone calls and texts from the younger Grandboy take time to be in the moment and process for hours after. If personal transformation happened just by collecting ideas, I would have been evolved even further long ago.

Looking for inspiration and all the wisdom we can find is necessary for growth, whether its personal evolution, or finding new ideas and making plans for quilts and quilt projects.

Somehow the mundane new year celebrations and well wishing makes me want to change things in how my life runs. One thing the Year of the Sheep will bring in is a gentleness of spirit.

With my list of Winter Solstice, I could see that just making projects without someone in mind might not work for me. I loved the aprons I made for last year so much that they are a project on my to-do list and so I went looking for the patterns I had collected. I plan to make them for all of my Granddaughters this year (a few years back, I did make one for my Grandson), and these will be grrrly-grrl versions.

What I found is an overflow of patterns that have just been tossed together in a now-blulging folder. I need to get some organizational tools from the store and sort what I want to keep or toss ones I will never use.

The profile for Sheep and this year, brings in thoughtfulness, generosity, and an ability to cope with with the flow of life. Unfortunately, some of their energy is also over-sensitivity and moodiness. We do see sheep here in the mountain valley because they are rented out to eat the grasses down on the rocky areas. Often, I will take time to watch the herds.

The lesson I am taking from them, and my chaotic pattern collection is to honor my artistic mind, step back into the beauty of organization and allow balance to return making a peaceful environment once again. 

Oh, and I restored the comment option. Please feel free to comment on my posts and I will reply to you as well.