Friday, January 30, 2015

A Little Shopping

I used to be good at solving other people's problems and wiping their tears. It was during my Mother Stage and that stage evolved maybe five years after my Sons were grown and on their own. 

There is an old joke about Italian Mothers and their Sons....who think they are the Christ, who never leaves home til he's 30, thinks he is the Son of God, and that his Mother is a virgin. Well, I blew that notion out of the water in no time; even though the Sacred Heart of Mary hangs on my bedroom wall with rather interesting prayer ties on it, each with a story of their own. 

One day, I decided to make healthy decisions for myself. And that is no easy task. Now, I listen more and speak less.

I've been making a list of various things I need from the fabric stores. After deciding to do extra machine quilting on Sophia's Summer quilt, I knew I would need more thread and that started my list, which didn't take long to expand. I have a $20 coupon just burning a hole in my pocketbook that needs to be used at one time. 

Back from the store with a focus fabric  (the one on top with the circles), I have to say I ended up registering for another Mystery Quilt retreat. This pattern is scrappy, so I've pulled out bits and pieces from my stash to audition them against this focus fabric. It gives me great pleasure to use my inherited fabrics in these wonderful projects. I did go into my 2.5" strip box and found some that might also work. I've pressed everything I have, and colorized them. 

I also bought some fabrics & quilting tools for the Solstice projects, and another pin Grabit so they are not piled high on the only one I have been using. And having two allows me to have pins in more than one area. (How's that for an argument on spending?) 

I did go over the $20 card value, but after all, I NEEDED it all.