Thursday, January 29, 2015

But Wait! There's More

I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather III: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" The line has been used in other movies & TV shows and is used to show the good intentions we have to do something we know is good for us. "They" are the forces that come from within and without us that we cannot control either by chance or by choice. Its almost like "they" represent a lack of information or insight when we try to do good for ourselves.

As I started to finish up the last of three paper pieces for colors E/F, I looked at my swatch sheet to see how Block A's use the batiks. While I should have just stopped, I wasn't ready to set the project aside. I started cutting out more pattern copies for both blocks. The work of labeling them for rows and colors was a good choice.

Then I noticed that some of the batik (color) fabrics that make up the ears, for instance, are really smaller. I pulled out scraps and pinned them to the pattern copies. At least I know the next step to the work when I get back to it. Because of this discovery (which is probably how it was meant to be), I am re-planning the order of how I cut and piece these blocks. But not today. Wow, it really took a lot for me to put things away at this stage! 

I finished Cole's quilt hand binding, and brought the Log Cabin Sophia's Summer quilt out to machine quilt and trim, both great projects for in between work. I decided to use Sophia's Summer quilt for practicing a machine quilting stitch I saw on one of the groups I am in, and want to go back and echo stitch the corners on Cole's. Truly, both are ok the way they are right now, and the flashy additions on both are for me.

It's quite satisfying to finish projects rather by choice than by chance. Satisfying too, to add special touches.