Sunday, February 1, 2015

Old Ways

I have always been a person who enjoys tradition.  Sometimes a person has to make some changes. Change can be frightening and letting go isn't easy. read more about change

My Cuz in Alaska has been quite inspirational to that, telling me how she is releasing some things she's saved for her art work dating back some 30 years. She's gotta have some lovely treasures. However, like me, she changed over the years, and what used to spark her energy, now, doesn't do so much. I took a cue from her and decided to make some bigger changes in my storage spaces. After some thought, I decided to move all my fabric art and paper crafting into one room and rename it a studio.

Its been my office for a good eight years now. However, I am not teaching (one adult education class here in town hardly counts) and struggle to write. Its not really an office any more.

No matter what I said about loving organization, the actual cleaning drives me crazy. I go through periods where I am so caught up in what I am making that I cannot see the dust bunnies multiplying and growing large. The home I live in is small compared to other spaces I've been in, so its a real art to put things away and know where they are when you need them. 

I discovered TWO bags of fabrics (gallon-size) that were totally forgotten at the bottom of an unclear bin that had been kept in a corner. It felt like a birthday gift to discover them. Lesson learned there. Only buy clear bins to store fabrics and quilts in no matter how I think I will remember what is in it.

In changing my old ways to work with a new or at least different life style, it depleted my energy. Cleaning has that sort of effect on everything that makes the thing next to it scream for attention. Sigh...

Everything that is for quilting has been moved into this one room now. And of course, rearranging is only one step. I've gone through every bin and box and put them into a priority of use. What I didn't do was label the boxes and that makes me smile. And now I am done with this cleaning until the next day when I realize all I have is chaos and it needs a change. If I remember, I might label a box after using part of its contents. Or not.