Monday, February 9, 2015

Cats & More Cats -PP, that is

The more I do paper piecing, the easier it is. Oh sure, I still make the occasional slip and join a fabric where it is either facing the wrong way; one corner or edge is not long enough to cover the seam; or I used the wrong color for one of the pieces (caught that before stitching).

The project is at the 5th batik color for the cats and at the 8th row. I am learning so much about staying with the details and being in the moment.

Even with careful cutting, the sizes of each batik are just enough to make the required cat pieces. This particular batik is easier to cut because the fabric pattern has the same look and no fussy cutting is required. I do want to keep going with it now just in case I need to buy more fabric for a particular row. 

I decided, when I first started, that I would leave the paper on the backsides and take a night to clip threads, remove the paper and pin the two parts of each block together. Each batik coloring flows to the next, so I am happy with my selections so far. The next two rows will be the longest with 11 blocks each.

I've got some things down to a system to make my work easier. For instance, I've cut about 1/3 a yard of black to work with at a time. And I am learning which way it has to face (right side up or down) when it gets cut for the block. And in truth, I still look at the batiks before cutting because the topside is so very subtle on some of them.

Learning something new on my own sometimes is not the best way, the fastest way or the most productive way. However, with all the tutorials out there and others willing to offer suggestions, I am feeling so much more confident in this method.

I set learning Paper Piecing as one of my goals for this year, and while it is early February, and I do believe I have lots more to learn, my confidence has shifted. I am a paper piecing beginner. And I will keep going.