Friday, February 20, 2015


I feel such a relief when I make a list and then am able to check things off of it that I have done. Thing is, with the lists here on the blog, when I finish the project, I delete it, and POOF, its gone. One of my blogger friends told me that her server went through some changes and years of her writing was gone. I've had that happen here just by selecting a key inadvertently and lost it. Distressing when the change was unexpected or unwanted and most of the time irreversible.

When I think of it, that's what life is about and there are endless cliches we say to express either change or loss, sometimes with regret and sometimes never noticing.

An over-riding goal I've had is to use up the fabrics that were given to me by re-purposing them. I love doing scrap quilting, though every once in awhile, like needing a breather from quilting on a repetitious project, I need to go out and buy new fabrics to get a new perspective. 

Over the years as I quilted, I've learned generosity. I've learned organization. I've learned to condense and consolidate. I've learned planning.

For awhile fear took me down. I was afraid that I would never make quilts for all my family members. This year, I will realize the goal of creating quilts for everyone in my family. I was also afraid that I would leave chaos behind should anything happen to me; and whomever would come in here would not know what to do with all my "stuff". Fear has a way of creating monsters in our minds.

I just started a scrap quilt for a person on the PIF part of my To-Do list. He has been a long-time family friend. I pulled out a box of 10" squares and am using only one of a kind in the quilt. Its a very fast quilt to make, easy, and uses up almost the complete collection of this fabric size square. It will also give me an opportunity to use a different machine quilting stitch. AND it will come off my To-Do list in no time at all.