Friday, February 13, 2015

Row 11 - check

Lack of understanding between people, nations and our values is the reason so many of us are alienated. That is the same concept I have about labeling the work as I go. I NEED to keep writing notes-to-self for everything, especially for the projects I set aside, even for a day.

This represents the half way point for the rows in the Cat Paper Piecing quilt, yet, not the half way for the quilt top's completion. I worked on the it for a large portion of the day, almost pushing myself to complete a row. That practice, of pushing myself to finish, had worked to complete a row before setting it aside when there were only a few blocks in it. However, row #11 and row #12 each have 11 cat blocks to them. Each block is made from two different patterns that visually will connect them to cat blocks above and below. Each long row requires a couple of days spent measuring, cutting, pinning and piecing. (see my spinning thoughts...gah!)

My attention turned to other quilt projects for awhile. Primarily, it was having the hands-on touching them, measuring, making notes and refolding them for another day. Most of the ones I looked at have finished tops, therefore, its only a matter of purchasing fabric backs for them. This Red/Blue/White one is for Sophia, and I am using it to get some practice on machine quilting  with simple grid lines that have random spacing.

In one way, its been good to set quilt projects aside for a time, returning with a fresh mind and vision. However, my notes-to-self have become more detailed so that I do not misunderstand my original plans and goals.

I think my notes-to-self have more to do with how busy I get and how many things are going at the same time. Misunderstanding my own motives and preferences can get me in trouble...with myself. When I am clear with myself, I find that there is less stress, and more affirmations.