Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Swaps

Efficient people tend to come up with an answer before they hear the question. They can be arrogant and impatient. They often wonder why people are so slow; slow to act, slow to catch on. Slow. Guess that was a good description of me for most of my life, and yes, I still own these personal character flaws. This sort of behavior is familiar to me, and they are my go-to behaviors. I've worked long and hard to change them. Yet, here I am.

I chose to be slower now, not to smell the roses, but just because its another way to know myself. Well, I do try.

I've got a lot of quilting block swaps listed on my To-Do list. Three of them are based out of Australia (Oz as it is called) and the other one is state-side with International swappers as well. Partners are assigned either at the first or end of the month for the 12" blocks and mid-month for the 6" blocks.

Usually, you make up one block for the 12" swaps and two blocks for the 6" blocks.

This pic represents what I received from the 12" Christmas Quilt Block Swap (CQBS) during the first year. Extras are going on the back (I think). I asked for fabrics that would work on a young boy's quilt. Then, I changed my request to Wonky House or Tree blocks in CQBS. Some trees came in the 12" swap, but more houses than trees. In a few months, when I have enough Wonky Trees, I shift to another kind of block.

Next is a second group, the 6" Block Swap. We swap two blocks in this one. I requested any Wonky style block and plan to join them as a border around the Wonky Houses & Trees. I just changed to any style block in the Orange, Black and White colors.

The third group I joined is the Block Swap Adventure (BSA), and my request is also for any block style in Orange, Black and White.

The fourth group I joined is the Oz based group and this one is called Own Choice (OC). My choice is again, any block style in Orange, Black & White. I've started using Halloween fabrics to make the backs, and think getting these random blocks 12" & 6" in Hallows colors will be so very complementary. This means getting two blocks 12" and two 6" per month in the Hallows colors and that means I can finish  Halloween quilts I am making this year. What I make to swap will be what my partners request. The joy of swapping is getting the variety of fabrics and patterns that would be virtually impossible to do on my own. It add such depth to any project.

Fast. Ooops. Well. No one ever said personal growth would be easy. 

And to make it even more interesting my CQBS partner (for this month) & I discovered we both love the house blocks and want to do a private swap. We are still working out the details. I will love it!