Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Sunday

Batiks on this Paper Piecing Project was the way to go for a beginner. At least I think so. I have the next row of color started. I do think it is best for me to have it out so I can work on it every day. Attention to a specific quilt is like giving attention to a relationship. If I leave it too long, then it takes more effort the next time around.

Things are familiar, and its too easy for me to take it for granted that I know what I am doing. People change all the time, and if we don't keep in touch, we each only assume we know what is going on.

And on the other hand, I want to keep working on my other projects the way I do, one step at time. I modified the pattern for this simple table runner. It is made of twenty-four 6" squares, so it ends up a little larger at 15 x 41. I am not going to finish it right away because I used Halloween squares and just wanted to see how it would work. Its almost like a costume party! 

I also worked on the Constellations quilt to get it ready for the next round to finish off the 49 Hourglass blocks.

With all the rearranging of fabric bins, what I came to see was that each bin needed a marking identification, especially the two that are colored and the contents in hiding. I took everything out and made more sense of it. The goal was to have the bins I use up front for easy access. 

My final project was to separate scraps in the pet beds and now one holds just 100% quilting cotton and the other holds batting scraps, which might not work. Its surprising to have one almost filled only six weeks into the year. I had no idea there was this much and it all had been going into the trash and ending up in a land fill. Making these pet beds turned out to be this year's environmentally sound practice.