Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Plenty of Time

I've read that we all need both time and opportunity to make enough mistakes to have the lesson run deep enough that we finally have it. And while some folks are lucky to get words of encouragement from others, most of us, well, at least me...I need to become what I want to be by consistently being and doing what I want to become each day.

Lately, what I am doing is working on the paper piecing project and Sophia's Summer quilt. I am still on row 12 of the cats, and have loaded one last bobbin and hope it will finish off the machine quilting. 

Here's what I have learned: It takes time to create a quilt. It takes constant effort and commitment. And there is resistance to the project. Where the resistance comes from, I do not know. I spent time researching 'resistance' and was surprised at how important a topic is to humanity, and how often it is used in various systems to show the human condition as well as to inspire a course of action against oppression. Here I thought it had to do with quilting and how I was resisting the constant repetition within certain projects. 

I know that one answer I have to my personal resistance to the repetition is to work on multiple projects at one time. I don't think that my simple tasks are what the whole topic focuses on, yet maybe this is how we learn.