Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Butterfly Guide

After getting outside and working on the next garden in my yard, I came inside to work on the Animal Spirit Guide Swap. I set up the swap, so want to get it in the mail soon.

My first thought to make a fabric box was not what materialized. Instead, I made small table mat or candle mat. It is not suitable for hot things. Last week, I bought fabrics to make up some small things to put in the boxes of goodies I am making for the Grandgrrls. The Butterflies on this fabric are too large to work on the fabric box, and honestly, I wanted to make a larger gift for one of my Granddaughters with the pieces. 

The pattern I used is the Disappearing 4-patch and I used two 5" pieces of the yellow and the print, added the purple as a border and binding. Its quite lovely. What I learned from doing this is that the black shows through the yellow AND to make it heat resistant, the batting needs to be the Insulbrite. 

And of course, now the Animal Spirit Guide I am sending her is the Butterfly. I do want to plant more things to draw them into the yard.

Butterflies aspect change, dancing on the winds, and being in sensitive harmony on Earth. I wrote these phrases on the back & will write a note before shipping it to my swap partner.

The next time I use this fabric, I will make a mini quilt for one of my dear grrrlie-grrls, and need to remember to write similar words for her. We all can use a little help from what we see in the world around us.