Friday, February 6, 2015

Another Finish for Friday

Since moving all my quilting items into one room, its been a challenge for me to find what I want. Funny how I've formed simple habits of reaching for something, even when it meant going into another room.  I got really excited when I saw one of the bins in the closet a little more than half empty. Then I saw another bin sitting outside of the closet, so full it wasn't closing!

While I did make two charm square table runners and have a third cut and ready for piecing, what was taken out for them was hardly noticeable with what I still have in stash.

I try not to seal any of the bins so air circulation isn't cut off from the fabrics. There is always a fine line to storage, because fabric will absorb odors and smoke, even from cooking. And once in, its really hard to get them out, if you ever can. I think moving everything in this one area is smart as long as nothing radical happens. I don't mean to be whining about not finding things easily. The goal of being organized is easy retrieval.

I am ready to start paper piecing again. I thought that would happen already but got caught up in running errands and then finishing up some of these smaller projects.

This is a traditional Friendship Star block ready for the BSA 12" mailing. I like to limit my trips to the PO to once a week just because their staff is low and it means waiting in a very long line for service. 

It will be a nice complement to the other block I made with the same fabric. My partner says she has been quilting since she could stand at the sewing machine and is still hoping for a blue ribbon on one of her quilts. If she is like me, she lost count of how many quilts she has made over the years.

I've been thinking the machine needs to go in for service and so want to have a few projects ready to work on while it is in the shop. Luckily, I have several packages of batting so could go to the clubhouse with those. And I have a couple of embroidery projects too. Its all about timing.