Saturday, February 21, 2015

Colors Shifting Before My Eyes

I am really grateful that I thought ahead on this paper piecing project to swatch out the colors. Three of them are batik greens and while the shades and patterns are subtle, it would have been easy to use the wrong ones.

Colors shifting before my eyes are usually what I see in nature watching clouds, playing in my gardens and being under trees. This has been an interesting experience to have it happen while I quilt.

And while I thought I was on row 12, it was really a combination of blocks numbered for rows 12 and 13, using the middle green batik. Tessellating. The first green batik has a bit more olive to it and both these greens look like Italian marble. I didn't really fussy cut any pieces because they remind me of the random patterns one sees in cats. Cats, for all their unique coloring are always beings of mystery and wonder. Its a very subtle shifting of color here. Green marble-like cat blocks will spread across the quilt and form the two largest rows.

I am such a novice with this kind of work that I am not sure if I will like the result or be wowed by it. The only help I got in the fabric store was confirming my choice to use batiks with a tone-on-tone black.

There are actually only five rows left to making these block pieces, and only four more batiks combined with the black. It seems that my progress is good. I've cut the paper copies out for the next row and brought out the fabric needed for the color parts. It has all gone into its container. I feel like I have the cutting part down now and could easily cut all the blocks for all the rows.

My quilting machine is going in for service and will be in the shop for at least 2 weeks, if not more. I have a number of projects planned to work on that do not require machine stitching. Two weeks will, hopefully, pass quickly and get me ready to just fly when it returns. Meanwhile, I made another hard copy list, and re-arranged my To-Do list here on the sidebar. It makes me laugh because it seems like more than enough projects to take up the time.

Except. I just finished cleaning up the studio outside the closets and bins.