Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's the Question?

I didn't quilt today. Oh wait, I bought some fabric. Does that count?  And oh wait again, I mailed out some swaps. However, I didn't turn on my machine, nor the iron, nor did I pick up a rotary cutter nor any needles & pins. 

This morning's group at the library was engaging. One of the guys even brought me flowers! Members of the group talked about vulnerability, authentic sharing and how the book, THE ALCHEMIST touched them. I even stayed a few minutes after the time ended and chatted. Me. Chatting. I know.

I came home, made lunch, and went outside to do some yard work, starting with the water feature. The motor had clogged and so I emptied it and moved it to the sidewalk, where I discovered a very small frog floating. I had to keep going with it, so was most pleased to discover it outside hiding in a corner. The pump is going to operate out there on the sidewalk through the night, and with luck the frog will be safe. If it is gone off the lip, I will never know if it is hiding on the ground somewhere, or got eaten by another critter coming for water.

I spent more time cleaning up the front corner garden, by pulling unwanted plant matter and watering the roses. Everything is so dry here and its getting hotter each day. Sometimes with how cold it gets at night, I forget how hot it gets during the days. Roses and trees are starting to bud out. For as much as I love quilting, I love the gardens too.

With all the physical work outside, I thought about our library discussions this morning focusing on vulnerability and authenticity. It seems to me that when we start moving towards those values, we step into our self-worth. Its slow. There are many levels of being vulnerable that can get us hurt, and we remember that pain. We even talked about how being authentic can get you hurt when you chose to make choices for your greater good. We remember those pains too.

What I know is that I do less and less to please other people, and more to appreciate and please myself. Not everyone likes that I don't want to take care of them, or that I don't want to fall into step with the rest of the gang. I can answer that question now. "If your best friend was going to jump off the high bridge, are you going to jump too?"